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Who We Are

Community Partnership on Aging was established as the Tri-City Consortium on Aging in 1978 as a cooperative agreement between the cities of Lyndhurst, South Euclid and Highland Heights to meet the needs of older adults and their caregivers/families.

In 2011, Mayfield Heights became a member, necessitating a name change. In 2012, the agency’s name was formally changed to Community Partnership on Aging. In 2012, Mayfield Village joined.

Our mission is to promote independence, a healthy lifestyle, community involvement, and opportunities for personal growth for older adults, as well as support for family caregivers.

Our mission is carried out through planning, coordinating, and providing services that enhance the dignity, security, and overall well-being of the older adults in our communities.

Funding is provided by the member cities; Title III of the Older Americans Act from the Ohio Department on Aging through the Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging; Cuyahoga County through the Health and Human Services Levy; program donations; and contributions of time and dollars. All programs and services are provided without regard to race, ethnicity, marital status, religion, gender, disability, age, political belief, sexual orientation or veteran status. Services and programs funded by Title III or by the Cuyahoga County Health and Human Services levy will not be denied based on an individual’s inability to contribute.

Current programs and services include transportation, a congregate meal program delivered weekdays, and supportive services. In addition, the agency provides counseling, volunteer management, homemaker services, health, wellness, civic and social opportunities and assists older adults in maintaining independence in their homes. There are 19 paid staff and over 200 unpaid staff that help carry out the mission.

The Agency Director reports to a Council of Government, which serves as the Board of Directors and is made up of the Mayor of each of the five cities, with the Lyndhurst Mayor serving as chair.

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June 2020 Special Edition

June 2020 Special Edition

CPA Meal information in response to COVID-19

CPA Meal information in response to COVID-19

June 2020 CPA Cafe Services – Click the Pic Below!

June 2020 CPA Cafe Services – Click the Pic Below!

Check out these great pick-up meal options prepared by CPA Cafe Services! If you would like information regarding frozen meals, please call 216-650-4029

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