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White House Conference on Aging Cleveland, Ohio Regional Forum

White House Conference on Aging (WHCOA) is held every 10 years with the goal of directing policy for the next 10 years. Our Executive Director, Stacey O’Brien, attended an Issues Forum on April 27, in preparation for the White House Conference on Aging. According to the WHCOA website, there are four priority topics on which to focus:

1. Retirement Security – today people can expect to live 20-30 years beyond retirement, and many rely on Social Security for their main source of retirement income.

2. Heathy Aging – people living longer means more people living alone, longer. In order to keep people healthy, there should be an increased focus on healthy, affordable and accessible nutrition, support for building and maintaining healthy relationships, support for accepting the inevitable changes of growing older and more.

3. Long Term Services and Supports – 70% of Americans will need some form of Long Term Services and Support

4. Elder Justice – It is estimated that for every case of abuse reported there are 24 that are not, yet there is little federal funding available for prevention, education and intervention

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