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Sponsor Opportunities & Guidelines

Community Partnership on Aging • 1370 Victory Dr. • South Euclid, Ohio 44121 • 216-291-3902

Community Partnership on Aging welcomes sponsorship opportunities from local businesses. While we recognize the benefits of partnering to enhance programs and services, direct marketing is done on a limited basis with the following guidelines in place.  Please keep in mind that Community Partnership on Aging does not allow any sponsor to solicit for personal information of any kind from any participant at any program or event.  Any raffles will be coordinated by Community Partnership on Aging staff.

1)  Program sponsorships and presentations –Examples of the type of program we offer may include educational classes and presentations that involve third-party speakers or special refreshments, and other programs attached to the congregate lunch program.  Sponsor opportunities and/or fees for programs vary and should be discussed with the agency Program Coordinator.  While lecture-style presentations are typically not successful, occasionally we may schedule a qualified representative from your business or agency on-site at one of our locations, in combination with another program or agency.  Please discuss any program opportunity with the CPA Program Coordinator.

2)  Luncheon/Event sponsorships – CPA offers a variety of Luncheon and Special Event sponsor opportunities that take place at the community centers in the CPA service area.  Lunch sponsorships are $100 and include a 2-hour window of time with a table; Special Event fees and opportunities vary.  Attendees would have the opportunity to visit with you at the table to get informational material and freebies, if offered. Luncheon and Event sponsorships should be discussed with the CPA Program Coordinator; examples include Café Lunch, Lunch ‘N’ Movie, the Annual Pasta Dinner, Annual Senior Movie Day Event & Luncheon, the Annual Fashion Show in cooperation with Ursuline College and much more throughout the year!

3)  Sponsorship of equipment and supplies for Major Home Repairs and the Safe at Home Program  – These projects are orchestrated via our Volunteer Coordinator, Corinne Dunn.  Some of the needed items include:  exterior paint and supplies; professional services such as plumbing/electrical/landscaping services (in-kind or sponsorship of) and more.  In recognition of sponsorship, your business name may appear in our monthly CPA newsletter, circulation 4,000.  Questions about these opportunities can be directed to Corinne at 216-291-3902, ext. 213.

4)  CARE Project – CPA and the communities of Cleveland Heights, Maple Heights and Solon will implement a new program in 2017:  CARE.  The CARE Project received start-up funds from the Cuyahoga County Division of Senior and Adult Services Senior Center Innovation Grant. Formal opportunities are not yet available; please contact Bridget McQuaide, CARE Program Coordinator, at 216-970-0599, for information.

5)  Annual Chili Cook-Off sponsorships – The Chili Cook-Off Event and Fundraiser is CPA’s biggest and hottest event of the year.  There are several sponsorship opportunities available as well as opportunities for financial and in-kind donations.   The Chili Cook-Off is held in November and uses the Fire Department staff from each of our five communities as the chili chefs!  A good time is sure to be had by all, while raising money for a good cause:  the CPA Safe at Home Program. Sponsorships for the Chili Cook-Off should be discussed with the CPA Program Coordinator.

6)  Political and Campaign sponsorships – Unfortunately we are not able to offer campaigning opportunities (including municipal and county issues or levies) on site at any event or program.  Should the opportunity for an ‘all-candidate’s open house’ arise, candidates in our five-community service area would be made aware of the event via their respective city.

7)  Request to post flyers – Occasionally, businesses and individuals may request to post an outside event flyer on a CPA community center bulletin board.  All flyers must be submitted to the Executive Director or Program Coordinator for approval, after which your flyers may be posted or distributed among the CPA locations.  Flyers that are posted without permission will be removed.

8)  Community Partnership on Aging newsletter – Space inside the newsletter is generally limited to in-house, CPA-sponsored events and programs, with the exception of city-sponsored events that are approved by our Executive Director.  Should you wish to place an ad in our newsletter, please contact LPi at 800-477-4574.

For any questions, please contact Therese Grida, Program Coordinator, by email at gridat@communitypartnershiponaging or by phone at 216-233-0648.




December 2017 CPA Newsletter

December 2017 CPA Newsletter

December 2017 CPA Lunch Menu

December 2017 CPA Lunch Menu


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December 2017 CPA Cafe Services Menu

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